Agile Software Testing Transformation

Agile Software Testing has literally transformed how organizations test software.  There are several key differences which software testing organizations will need to adjust in order to effectively operate with Agile. Documentation:  It isn't practical within Agile to...
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All Agile Teams Require A Great Business Analyst

Great Agile teams require strong team members who work well together.  The most emphasis in terms of roles within the team is primarily centered around the developers and testers.  Unfortunately the business analyst role is the one that is most overlooked and this...
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Test Automation: What Programming Language Should You Learn?

The most frequent question I receive by far from software testing professionals is what programming language should they learn.  To answer that question, I usually ask a series of questions to help them figure out what programming language would be most helpful for...
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Test Planning: Ensuring Efficient Test Coverage

Test Planning requires careful consideration and it takes time to do it right in order to ensure proper test coverage. Test organizations that don't perform proper test planning often rush to test execution with little to no regard to proper test coverage. The result...
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The Agile methodology has turned traditional testing organizations on its head.  We have real world experience transforming multiple industries and successfully implementing best testing practices.


DevOps has blurred the lines between development and testing.  It has accelerated the pace of automated code deployments and given opportunities to integrate automated testing into the process.  DevOps enables testers to spend more time testing and less time waiting for test environments to be setup.


Test Automation has gone mainstream and all software testing organizations must do it to keep up with business demand.  It requires extreme technical expertise and multiple toolsets are needed.  We have built multiple organizations and driven automation up to 95% automated.

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