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We believe that creating high quality software takes a lot of hard work by everyone in IT. It is not the sole responsibility of the QA organization to find all defects.  While it is impossible to create software that is 100% defect free, it is possible to create high quality software that meets the needs of the business.

We also know that software testers are the ones who are most passionate about quality.  We are the ones who spend countless hours making sure our customers are going to be happy.  We are accountable and responsible when a defect is found and we take our jobs seriously.

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We believe our most valuable asset is made up of people.  We focus a lot of effort and energy in building up our community.  If     you would like to join us click here to Register.  




Software testing jobs


Your job is your career.  We understand that and we know you want to find a fulfilling position in order to gain a competitive  advantage with your peers.  If you are looking for something special you can find your next software testing job here.




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We have lots of valuable content on our website.  If you would like to gain valuable information on software testing you can find it here.




ISTQB Foundation Certification


We have extremely valuable resources who can lend expertise to you and your company.  We aren’t here to sell you on something you don’t need.  See a list of our testing service offerings here.




software testing tools

Yes we are software testers but we simply love using software testing tools.  We are building software testing tools that are built  by testers.  If you are curious click here.



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We know technology is changing at a rapid pace, yet we know software testers must keep up.  If you are looking to obtain a  software testing certification or gain valuable experience with an additional tool or technology you can get started with software  testing training today.

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