QA Revolution

Build Your Brand and Own Your Testing Career

It is important to build your brand and own your testing career.  It is your responsibility to do the best job possible in learning and growing within QA.  If you need a degree, certification or training you can’t sit back and wait for your boss to send you to get trained.  If you do that, it will never happen and you will be in the same job for 20 years.  Certainly it requires boldness and taking risks to build your brand.  It is especially important that you have professional profiles on sites such as LinkedIn.  You can see my profile here.  Without working hard, things will not happen.  I get frustrated when I talk with people who want to do more and learn more but are unwilling to make that first step.  I know it is hard and I know it takes effort.  Your testing career should be important to you.  Your boss can certainly help you and can provide direction for you but you have to show them that you are willing to improve your skills.  Today more than ever it is important that all testers improve their skills and brand.  With technology changing so rapidly your testing career should be moving fairly quickly and you should be learning new things.  Gone are the days of the manual tester.  If you are a manual tester you need to expand your testing career quickly.  Take your career seriously and starting building your testing career today!

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Ron Wilson