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Informatica Test Data Management Solution

Having test data readily available is key to successful test data management. If test data needs to be created, software delivery can be delayed and additional costs can be incurred. With test data generation, testers can create production-quality data quickly and deliver on-time, with reliable application test results.​

The Informatica test data management solution enables your IT organization to create functionally intact, secure test data subsets of database applications. IT organizations supporting database applications often make multiple copies of production environments for development, testing, and training. However, as production databases grow, so do the copies, eating up costly storage space and system resources and putting companies at risk for financial penalties due to data breaches. With the Informatica solution for test data management, companies can avoid:

Excessive data management costs
Ineffective compliance with privacy regulations
Loss of reputation, customers, and revenues due to a data breach
Reduce Cost and Risk with Test Data Management

Instead of using full sets of production data, the Informatica test data management solution enables your company to:

Shorten development cycles with Informatica test data management by working with smaller sets of test data
Lower IT costs with smaller data sets that require less storage and fewer system resources by implementing test data management
Support compliance with masked data that meets the necessary quality levels for successful test data management, while ensuring data privacy
Speed deployment via test data management with prepackaged or customized subsetting and masking policies that create secure data subsets quickly, while maintaining referential integrity
Enhance Quality and Security with Test Data Management

The Informatica test data management solution creates secure test data management subsets while minimizing cost, risk, and development times. By automating the test data management subset and masking operations, the solution allows your IT team to focus on other development activities. Test data management even reduces the size of your test and development environments so you can reallocate reclaimed storage space for other uses.

Improve Productivity and Flexibility with Test Data Management

The Informatica solution for test data management can also copy data repeatedly from production to create secure, current non-production environments for test data management. Subset policies for test data management can include any combination of rules—such as age of data, department, country, data range, or value. And prepackaged test data management policies for applications such as Oracle Applications or SAP further streamline development and testing.

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