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QA Testing Metrics: Let that tell the Quality story

In order to build a world class testing organization, it is necessary to keep a pulse on metrics reporting in regards to quality.  QA metrics are a critical component when you create a QA roadmap.  I have outlined some high level steps in order to establish QA metrics for your testing organization.

  1. Establish a set of metrics that can be measured for each project and release over release.
  2. Obtain a commitment from your QA organization and other organizations such as PMO, Development, and UAT.
  3. Set goals for the organization.  Have both a goal and a stretch goal.  Set these goals for the year and then at each individual release and project.
  4. Measure these metrics at either a daily basis or release basis.
  5. Repeat.

There might be a need to tweak what metrics are captured and modify the goals that are set from time to time.  Here are some metrics that you should consider tracking for your testing organization.

It is important to remain objective during the metrics process.  You can gather some really important data that will help you improve the testing process over a period of time.  These metrics will also help you communicate objectively to development and other teams within the organization in order to improve the overall quality.  It is important to continue to strive toward established goals and get other organizations within your company to help improve quality.

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Ron Wilson