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Software Testing Online Training Options

Software Testing Training OnlineThere are so many options for software testing online training today, it is difficult to know which are the test options to pick.  My best advice: pick something and start learning.  In the software testing field today, methodologies and technologies are changing so rapidly, it is impossible to remain current.  It is important to stay focused and have a disciplined approach.  You always need to keep learning.  Software testing online training can really help you stay ahead of your peers.  There are many areas of concentration where you can learn.  Software testing training online options include:

If you are looking for some software testing online training options, there are many relevant places that offer training.  I currently use the following:

There are many options for software testing online.  As a current manager, I recommend software testing online training because it either allows you to get web based training with an instructor or work at your own pace.  I find it is helpful to have access to the material, so you can reference it at a later point in time.  If you go for training somewhere, it is often a lot of material in a very condensed time, so it makes it really hard to retain the information.  Everyone does learn a different way, some enjoy the lecture based learning, while others prefer a more hands on approach.  Regardless of which learning style you prefer, it does take time and effort on your part.  Training opportunities will not be handed to you by your manager, so it is your responsibility to be proactive and assertive to get your training.  If you see a new skill or technology that you would like to learn, find out which online training options are available and go to your manager with a plan on what is required and how much it costs.  Most managers will be very receptive and will get you the necessary budget so you can receive the training.

It does help to meet others that are taking the same software testing online courses so that you can have people who are in the same field who can help you when you run into real scenarios that need to be solved.  Perhaps those individuals have already been through the same challenges you are facing, and they can help you solve your issues faster.  Connecting with those individuals through LinkedIn or email will help to grow your network.

I know how frustrating it can be to feel that you are constantly behind with learning new technology.  The good news is that you are not alone, everyone else is in the same boat.  It is important to start, and experts are recommending taking 5 hours or so per week to focus on learning something new.  You won’t be able to learn a new skill or technology in a day, so pace yourself, and before you know it, you will be an expert!