QA Revolution

What is Testing As A Service (TAAS)?

Testing as a service (TAAS) is a service that an external company provides.  This service is done by people who are outside the organization that needs the testing done.  There are many benefits in doing testing this way.  TAAS can provide the company with experts at reduced costs.  This is also helpful because it allows the company to scale up and scale down with testing demand.  Often, the company will still do some testing in house but supplement those resources with others.  TAAS is helpful when the testing activity that is done can be learned quickly and shared with others.  Some of the models that are useful when looking at TAAS is regression testing, automation, performance testing, security testing, and environment management.

TAAS is used to bundle high service offerings together and use either pay per use or pay per result.  This is often pre-defined prior to any engagement starting. This helps to speed things up and complete testing within a very short timeline.  It also helps to mitigate the potential risks when you engage other companies that have testing expertise and proven processes.

Some TAAS benefits include high software quality implementations.  This allows concentration on more critical aspects of the business.  With the TAAS model, it is often seen as a long term strategic partnership.  When testing is needed, those experienced resources will be available on demand as needed.  It also often includes a flexible model of onshore, nearshore, and offshore in order to take advantage of minimizing costs.  As both the company and the one providing TAAS work together, things will become more streamlined as the relationship grows.

Ron Wilson