QA Revolution

Incorporating Quality Engineering into DevOps

More and more organizations are incorporating Quality Engineering into the SDLC.  The organizations that are able to embrace this approach are able to significantly improve the quality of the applications that are delivered into production.  It is necessary for the leadership within IT to buy into the concept for adoption to take place.  Quality engineering helps to identify significant gaps that impede implementation of a top notch product.  Quality is not a one time process that is created and implemented.  It takes years and significant trial and error to get organizations where they need to be.

Moving your organization from QA Analysts to QA Engineers will accelerate your time to market.  Automation used to be a luxury item in most QA organizations but in the DevOps world it is a necessity.  Leveraging automated scripts for both development and qa will allow focused attention on the new features that are being built.

Quality Engineering is a mindset shift focusing on Business Assurance.  Organizations need to ensure that the technology is high quality so that the company can make money.  If you are able to build it right the first time, you can focus on what is coming next and not be so concerned about fixing what is broken in production.

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Ron Wilson