QA Revolution

Disruptive Testing is on the Horizon

Disruptive TestingTechnology will revolutionize the things people and businesses use in everyday life so much that the very foundation of the software testing industry will significantly change.  The future state of testing will become disrupted.  Digital transformation is rapidly underway.  The transformation goes to the heart of what you make and serve to your customers. It redefines some of your core competencies and what you are in business to do. It could even end up placing you in a new industry—possibly one that never existed before. This requires rapid adoption and embracing of technologies that are either underway or not developed.  It requires individuals to embrace the unknown and gain knowledge.

Disruptive testing will challenge all individuals in the software testing industry.  There will be some that will embrace the challenge, but most will struggle.  Those who are able to move forward will be the testing leaders of the future.  It will require Quality Engineers who are able to pick up the technology and come up with the best ways to identify problems.  The days of manual testers banging away on keyboards are quickly disappearing.  Disruptive testing has to include significant collaboration across all boundaries including development and business partners.  Test metrics will evolve into test analytics and require an additional level of interpretation and understanding of what the information means.

These are exciting times and rapid changes are ahead!  Seize the opportunity and become the best you can be.

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Ron Wilson