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7 Traits of Great Software Testers

great software testersNot all software testers will be great.  Here are 7 characteristics that great software testers have:

  1. Curious.  Great software testers are curious by nature and they need to understand why something works the way it does.  When it doesn’t that causes testers to ask questions and that generates defects because development forgot to think of all th combinations.
  2. Pessimistic.  Great software testers find defects.  They understand that people are human and they are going to make mistakes.  It is extremely important for the tester to remember to stay professional with their development peers.
  3. Critical eye.  Great software testers have the ability to see what others cannot and are nit-picky about everything.  This helps provide a positive customer experience by ensuring that everything has been analyzed.
  4. Detail.  Great software testers notice everything.   Whether it is a typo or a font related problems, the great ones are going to find them and will not rest until the defects are resolved.
  5. Experience.  It takes time for a good software tester to develop into a great one.  This requires significant experience.  Over time, the great testers pick this up and can move from one application to another and find the same level of defects.
  6. Communication.  This one goes without saying, it is critical that the great software tester communicate with their management, development, users and others on the project to ensure they are receiving as much information as possible so they can find more system defects.
  7. Passion.  I saved the best for last.  Great software testers are passionate about what they do.  They want to ensure the highest quality product is delivered for their customers.

If you want to become a great software tester, develop the traits above and you will have everyone in the organization know that you are a GREAT SOFTWARE TESTER!

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Ron Wilson