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Career Tip#1:Build Your LinkedIn Network

Build your LinkedIn Network

The most important thing you can do your your career is to Build Your LinkedIn Network.  It is getting harder to find your next opportunity.  I have been focusing on building my LinkedIn network and there are some helpful hints that I have learned along the way.  Here they are:

  • Connect with people at your current job.  Many years before LinkedIn, you had to keep up your previous co-workers through email or phone.  LinkedIn has made it a lot easier.  I make sure that I periodically add coworkers.  It helps to keep things current.  It is really important to add those individuals who you work with and trust because they know you the best.
  • Connect with others who are industry experts.  It is important to connect with others who are influential within your industry.  They will help you learn more about your profession, and they might be able to help you land your next dream job.
  • Limit your connections within LinkedIn.  Currently there is a restriction of connecting with 30K members.  Once you hit that limit, you will not be able to add any additional people within your network.  This is somewhat limiting and many within the LinkedIn network are requesting this restriction is lifted.  Once you have hit 30K, people will need to follow you. I made the mistake early to follow everyone and then I saw the LinkedIn limit.  I am more cautious now, so I make sure that those who I connect with are relevant.  I currently have over 24K connections.
  • Follow LinkedIn Influential People: There are several people such as Oleg, Brigette, and Cory are really helping others in any way they possibly can.  I have seen many instances, where their influence has helped to get people jobs.  It is amazing to see the positive power and the influence that those are providing.  I have followed then and plan to stay connected with them and I know I will learn a lot from them.

Hopefully this information has been helpful and will help you build your LinkedIn network.  If you are looking for additional career tips please read 5 Steps to Increase Your Career Opportunities.