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Learn How To Create a Killer Resume

Create A Killer ResumeIf you are considering looking for your next dream job, it is critical that you get a Killer Resume created.  There is so much competition today, that it is nearly impossible to get your resume in front of the hiring manager.  As a hiring manager, I know how challenging it can be to get your resume in front of me.  When you do, you need to really capitalize and follow this advice in order to have your best opportunity to be selected for an interview.

Creating a Killer Resume

  • No Typos

The first thing that I look at on a resume is to ensure there are no grammatical errors or typos.  If there are several, then I will not consider the candidate.  It is really important that the potential candidate take time and effort to make sure their resume is the best.  By not spending time and effort on the resume, I often feel that the candidate will do sloppy or unsatisfactory work.  I encourage you to review your resume and have several others review it as well before submitting it to a potential employer.

  • Killer Design

If you are lucky enough to bypass the HR department it is really important that the design of your resume stands out.  My recommendation is that you get this done professionally.  This will help your resume stand out from your competition, and it will move your resume to the top of the stack.  Hiring managers get tired of seeing similar formats over and over, and want to see candidates who create killer resumes.  Resumes that are dull and boring, will imply that person is as well and will not represent the candidate in the best light.  Paying to have your resume redesigned is certainly worth the expense when you are getting contacted by hiring managers.

  • Be Honest

As a hiring manager, I see lots of resumes.  It is amazing how many resumes I see which have exactly everything that I am looking for in a candidate.  Many times, when I get those candidates on the phone, the resume does not match their skills.  Sure, they know the tools and the Agile methodology, but when you start asking detailed questions, you can tell they have looked on Google, but they don’t have a clue about what they are talking about.  If is also disappointing if those candidates come from recruiting firms where they haven’t been properly screened to ensure their resume matches their skills.  If a candidate is honest about their skills and is a highly driven individual, then I will be more willing to hire them and help them grow their technical skills.

  • Critical Keywords

In today’s economy, it is more important than ever that you look at the job descriptions for the jobs you are applying and make sure your resume has the keywords to match your background.  If you have Agile experience, but your resume does not have the word Agile, there are greater chances that your resume will not pass the automated tools that most companies use today.  It usually only takes a few minutes to make an update on your resume, and that update will really payoff in the long run.

I hope this will help you learn how you can create a killer resume and increase your career opportunities!


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