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Privacy Policy

Here is the Privacy Policy for QA Revolution.

We believe your privacy is important and we will protect that for you.  We will never share or distribute your personal information to others.  We are going to provide you with details so that you will understand more about our privacy policy for our website.


IP addresses, URLs visited, and related information is recorded for all site visitors for the purpose of site traffic analytics and captured as part of normal operation in our server logs.


QA Revolution gathers information through the use of Cookies.  It helps to store user preferences so that we continuously do not have to ask you for information every time you login to our website.  This information is anonymous and not specifically tied to you.

Third Party Services

We use 3rd-party services like Google Analytics and DoubleClick for Publishers, who provide their own privacy policies and cookie opt-out.

Advertising Partners

In addition, some of our advertising partners may use Cookies to store addtional information.  We do not control, nor have access to that information.  If you have specific information about our advertisers privacy policy, please contact them directly.

If you have specific questions about our policy, please contact us directly.

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