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Role of an Agile Developer

role of agile developerThe role of an agile developer is one of the most critical agile team roles.  The agile developer develops the software for the product team.  They need to have a high degree of technical skills and a solid understanding of what needs to be developed.  The agile developer needs to constantly learn new technical skills so they can stay in front of the rapid growth of technical advancements.  The agile developer needs to work hand in hand with the other members of the agile team including the agile business analyst and agile tester.


Here are the primary functions of the agile developer:

Develop Code:  The agile developer needs to develop code and needs to build high quality software.

Unit Testing:  The agile developer needs to perform unit testing to ensure that the code works properly.  In order to make sure it works and has high quality software.

High Analytical Skills:  The agile developer needs to have high analytical skills.  This helps to develop code and helps to solve complex problems.

Effective Communicator:  The agile developer needs to be an effective communicator and needs to work well with the other members of the team.  Agile requires more effective communication than other previous SDLC methodologies.

Collaboration:  The agile developer has to collaborate with agile business analysts, qa testers, and outside members of the agile team.  The more the developer collaborates with the team members and shares information the more effective the software will be understood by others.

In addition to the roles on the agile team there are some supporting roles which might be helpful in reviewing.

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  • […] Agile Developer:  The agile developer does the programming on the team.  The developer writes the code based upon the needs to the product team.  They take the requirement specifications and build the product.  The agile developer needs to be extremely talented.  They need to have a strong desire to constantly desire to learn new technology and want to build high quality software.  The role also might require the agile developer to jump in and perform testing or perform the role of the agile business analyst. […]