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Software Quality over Delivery


Software Quality over Delivery

software qualityIt is important that your QA organization has the necessary items to be successful.  Perhaps the most important element is the organization is able to protect the production environment.  Here are a few items that are required.

  1.  Ensure you have Executive level support.  This is the most important items.  Without having your executive to support the QA organization when there is a quality concern, delivery will always win.
  2. Reduce the testing cycle time.  Another important item, is to make sure your organization is doing what it can to reduce the amount of time spent during test execution.  The best thing that can be done is to focus automating your regression suite.
  3. Shift Left.  Focus more time getting involved up front and identifying issues with requirements and other documentation.
  4. Focus on Planning.  Make sure the QA organization is covering all the bases and spending sufficient time planning.

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Ron Wilson